Find How Bail Is Set in Houston

Find How Bail Is Set in Houston
Bail is set differently depending on the city and the crime. We’ll look at how bail is typically set in Houston. A Mobile Bail Bond is ready to help if you or a loved one has been arrested in Harris County. No one knows Houston’s jail system better than us.
How does Houston decide Bail Prices?
The amount of bail set by Houston is determined by the nature and severity of the defendant’s crime. Harris County has a base price for each felony crime. Various factors can cause that figure to rise. For example, in a drug or theft case, bail could be set at twice the value of the drugs or stolen property. Bail may also be increased if the accused has a history of felony charges.
Furthermore, more serious felony charges, such as capital murder, are unlikely to be eligible for bail at all. If you have a history of violating probation or avoiding mandatory court appearances, your ability to be released on bail may be revoked.

Why Do Bail Prices Change?
A judge would set different bail amounts for the same crime to ensure that the defendant appears in court. Essentially, suppose an arrestee does not have a history of committing crimes or avoiding court appearances. In that case, the judge has no reason to believe they threaten the public or will fail to appear at their newly scheduled court dates. If someone has a history with the legal system or has committed a severe crime, the courts do not want to take the risk of reintroducing them into society.
As a result, they will set their bond very high, ensuring that the defendant is placed in front of a judge on their day in court.

A Mobile Bail Bonds –Making Houston’s Mobile Bail Bonds Process
When you or a loved one is arrested, there can be a lot of frustration and confusion, but judges have reasons for setting bail the way they do. Above all, it is about ensuring public safety and ensuring that those charged with serious crimes appear in court.
If the Houston bail process appears to be overwhelming, it is a good idea to work with a reputable bail bondsman to assist you. Since 1950, A Mobile Bail Bonds has been serving Harris County arrestees and their families. We know Houston’s legal system like the back of our hands and are eager to assist members of our community during their most trying times.
For more information on our history in the city and the various bonds, we offer, please contact us at 713-463-7774 or visit our website. Our helpful, professional staff is always available to help.

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