Out Of County Bonds

If you are arrested in one county for charges in a different county, you can still get bonded out! As long as the warrant has a bond on it set by a judge who issued the warrant from the county where the charges originated. The staff where the person is being held on the out-of-county charge will take and process bail bond from a licensed bail agent, like A Mobile Bail Bonds just like they would accept bonds for local in-county charges.

If the warrant has no bond on it, you will have to wait and be transported back to the county where the charges originate from (unless you or an attorney can convince the out-of-county judge to set a bond first). In almost all cases, you will have to wait for a first appearance hearing in the charging county after you are brought back to that county. There is a good chance that you will go to first appearance in both counties, but a bond will, in all likelihood, not be changed at the first hearing.

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