What to do when your spouse is arrested

What To Do When Your Spouse Is Arrested

If you receive a call from your spouse in jail, it will be an alarming situation. An arrest is the beginning of a process with court dates and legal proceedings that can take weeks or months. Here are few things you can do when your spouse is arrested and being held in jail.

Keep The Phone Call Brief

When your spouse is arrested and makes the phone call, you will be curious and have many questions. It is ok to be surprised and want to learn more about what happened.

However, phone calls from jails are recorded. If you ask for details, your spouse can accidentally incriminate himself. The best approach is to ask for the information you need, like what jail he is being held in and why he was arrested. You can ask for the details when your spouse is released and comes home.

Post The Bail To Release Your Spouse From Jail

Your spouse will appear before a judge who will set a bond amount. The process is quite straightforward on that part. You can pay this amount and release your spouse from jail. You can pay in check or cash, and then your spouse will be released.

The bond amount is not standard and varies depending on the charges. In some cases, you will not be able to post the bail by yourself because the price will be too high.

If you can’t afford the bond amount, you can still take some action. You can contact A Mobile Bail Bonds, which is a bail bond company. You will pay a non-refundable fee, and the company will pay the rest of the bond amount.

Your spouse must appear in court when is requested. If he misses court appearances, the court may request to keep the full bond amount. In this case, you will have to repay the bail bond company.

Hire A Lawyer Right Away

You must hire a lawyer when you learn that your spouse is arrested. If you wait for too much time, your spouse may forget details of what happened that could help him on the court. On the other hand, hiring a lawyer right away can help get the important details from your spouse as they are fresh in his mind.

So, wasting time is not a good idea. A lawyer also has more time to prepare the case when you call him right away instead of several days later.

A Mobile Bail Bonds – Let Us Help You

Most people don’t expect that someone in their family will get arrested. So, they are unprepared and don’t know their options. A Mobile Bail Bonds can help you with the bonding process and let you know your options.

People shouldn’t remain in jail because of their financial situation. Everyone should have the same rights in freedom. So, we are ready to help you and simplify the bail bonding process whenever you need us. You can make a call on 713-463-7774 for more information.

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